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Chris Barnes chris at txbarnes.com
Thu Apr 16 15:24:02 UTC 2009

This might be my last reply in this thread, since I think I've said enough.

Dylan Jay wrote:
> Further to what chris said, I sat down to write a tutorial last year  
> called "how to host a plone site in 20min for $20". As I started  
> writing out the steps of what was required to go from a locally  
> installed and configured plone site to a remotely hosted one I  
> realised it just had too many steps and too many things to learn.
> So instead I wrote collective.hostout with the goal being that if you  
> can at least add a recipe to our local buildout file then it will do  
> everything else for you to deploy and host your site. It will be  
> released soon in alpha.

When it gets to beta, can you email me directly so I can try it out?

> So we are trying to improve the story but I don't think it's fair to  
> say we're there yet. also it's an excellent point to sit and watch or  
> at try to document exactly what you have to know to do things we in  
> the community take for granted.

Besides being a compadmin, I also have a strong interest in Education 
Theory (both as a part of my MA degree, as well as a homeschool dad). 
One of the most important aspects of education is knowing about, and 
adapting to Learning Styles.

Cliff Notes' version - there are 3 primary learning styles:
Visual (learn by seeing) ~40% of people fall into this category
Auditory (learn by hearing) ~45% of people fall into this category
Tactile (learn by touching) ~15% of people fall into this category

Yes, everyone uses multiple senses - but they rely on one of these 
senses are their PRIMARY way of learning.

In context of this discussion, written documentation is really only 
useful for those who are primarily Auditory Learners (I could get into 
why reading is not a Visual Learner, but that is a major thread hijack - 
as if this isn't already).

This is why a "RTFM" answer is only going to be useful to 45% of your 
audience (and that is assuming you actually give them the docs, rather 
than pointing to docs "somewhere out in space" as Joanna did).  For the 
rest of us (I am primarily a visual learner) can only really use written 
documentation as a reference for things we have already learned previously.

So why did I go down this rabbit trail?
If you want to evangelize people into using Plone - a good start might 
be to have tutorials at WPD (rather than have it be a pep rally).


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