[Evangelism] Re: "Top 15 Questions..." Final Draft

Chris Barnes chris at txbarnes.com
Thu Apr 16 15:08:10 UTC 2009

> Chris wasn't seeking help he was pointing out why Plone is less easy  
> to install than we all assume it to be or at least claim it to be. I  
> think it's a fair point.

Just an example of what I'm talking about.  After I got done reading (& 
responding) to this thread in the evangelism group, I dropped down to 
the plone.setup group to find this question:

     Chris Ellis wrote:
     > I've just installed the latest Plone on an Ubuntu server for my
     > school after trying out a number of wikis and being totally
     > frustrated  by lack of documentation, bugs, obscure fixes etc.
     > <rant>Now it seems I need to spend an hour or more of my life
     > doing something as simple as setting the correct timezone for
     > Plone. Why doesn't Zope just pickup the local server time? Why
     > can't there be a variable in Plone config (as in Moodle, Drupal
     > for eg) to choose default timezone?</rant>

And no, an answer to Chris Ellis's question does not belong here. ;-)

It seems somewhat disingenuous to claim "easy to install" as it's #2 
"Top Question" with things like this.

I would STRONGLY suggest removing that claim.  At least for now.


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