[Evangelism] Re: "Top 15 Questions..." Final Draft

Chris Barnes chris at txbarnes.com
Thu Apr 16 14:31:19 UTC 2009

I'm answering Dylan first (before JoAnna) purposefully because he 
actually led me to some of my responses to her.

Dylan Jay wrote:
>> All in all, I'm not sure this discussion belongs on the Evangelism
>> list. This list is for the evangelism team which has the strategic
>> purpose of promoting Plone. While Chris may disagree with some of the
>> things that are in this document, they are things we find to be true
>> about Plone. If you are actually seeking solutions to real problems,
> Chris wasn't seeking help he was pointing out why Plone is less  easy  
> to install than we all assume it to be or at least claim it to be.

That is mostly correct - although if help came about from it I wouldn't 
be the least little bit upset. ;-)

> I  
> think it's a fair point. There are answers to everything out there on  
> how to do everything with Plone and we as a community are trying to  
> pull it all togeather and reduce the number of things you need to know  
> to get to where you want to go.... but we're not there yet. An example  
> is PloneOut... who would know from the standard Plone download page  
> PloneOut is a good option if you want OOTB themes. I didn't know that  
> and I've installed corporate intranets for thousands of employees.
> The real question here is, do we want to promote Plone as easy to  
> install even though some don't think so and because we want it to  
> become so... or should we pick something more complelling that's going  
> make someone like chris hang in there and push through.

Right - which is EXACTLY why I think this discussion belongs in the 
evangelism group.   If you can't convince someone like me - a person 
desperately seeking a CMS solution who likes the promise of plone - then 
evangelism efforts for other people are pretty much going to be for naught.

Case in point is the "web designers group" here at Texas A&M.  Plone is 
"just another one of the cms options some folks are using" - and not the 
one that gets recommended the most here.  How much more of an audience 
ripe for evangelism do you want?

> What was it that made you settle on Plone in the first place Chris?

Another fair question.  To be honest, I don't exactly remember.  I know 
I started with looking at the afore mentioned "Texas A&M web designers 
group" and saw that Plone was among those listed.  Of those, there 
weren't many that were free (and free is always a good thing for a 
non-profit group).  I did basic google search and ended up here on this 
mailing lists (which I happen to read via gmane's newsserver).


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