[Evangelism] Plone Cono Sur extends its cover area!

Roberto Allende rover at menttes.com
Sat Sep 27 18:23:03 UTC 2008


During lasts months, members of Plone Cono Sur had been able to travel
around South America and meet many people working with Plone and they
decided to join us. After talking with them and with the Plone Cono Sur
user group, we decided to extend our "cover area" and include all the
spanish speakers countries of South America. That's why, since now we
introduce ourselves as:

Plone Cono Sur: the Plone User Group of spanish speaker countries of

Today Plone Cono Sur have 129 members in its mailing list, an irc
channel #plone-conosur and assist and organize promotional events in the

We're very happy of the grow and we'll keep working to continue this path!.

Kind Regards


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