[Evangelism] Re: WPD - how to attend

Roberto Allende rover at menttes.com
Thu Sep 25 23:47:00 UTC 2008

Chris Barnes escribió:
> Being that I'm a newbie to plone (I have it "mostly" installed now, but 
> still don't really understand how to configure or use it), the WPD 
> conferences look interesting to me.
> But nowhere on the wpd website do I see how to actually ATTEND any of 
> these meetings, seminars, etc.  Is there a signup form?  Cost?

Hello Chris

Thank you very much for your interest! and welcome to the WPD 
experience!! :D

The official site is:

and every host will publish its information in:

If you are in Texas, as your mail's says, you can assist to the WPD 
organized by Alan Runyan from Enfold. They didn't publish the 
information yet in plone.org's site but i believe they'll do it soon.

In openplans wiki you can see all the WPD hosts around the wolrd:

Regarding costs, and since it's a promotion activity i *believe* it 
should be free (no charge) but that's our criteria in Argentina and in 
Texas could be different, so, we should ask to the organizers.

I hope this mail help you, any other question, comment or suggestion, 
please don't hesitate to write us.

Kind Regards


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