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JoAnna Springsteen jluvsu2 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 01:31:55 UTC 2008

Hey all-
I just discovered and started subscribing to this list so forgive me if I'm
talking out of turn here but I'm going to ... ;-)

A consistent logo is part of creating a brand. The three dot logo is the
image associated with the Plone brand. The Foundation protects the logo and
gives permissions to use the Plone logo and as such, they get the final word
on how anyone uses the Plone logo. (as it should be)

Any use of the Plone logo, or alteration of, should be consistent with the
Plone brand. No matter what potential user Plone comes across, we should
always look professional. The three dot logo is clean, classic and
professional. As such, any use of the Plone logo should follow in suit. 
Plone should look like, well, Plone. It's our own look. Plone ( the
software) can have corporate appeal or it can have educational appeal or it
can have hacker guy who lives in his mom's basement appeal. But it can all
be the same imagery because it's Plone's brand. Any usage of the Plone logo
needs to be a polished look....not necessarily corporate, not necessarily
home grown, but finished and polished. 
Plone the software will survive and thrive as we continue to refine Plone
the brand. We're doing pretty good on the software end of things. We need to
keep working at the branding end of things. All uses of the Plone logo, be
it WPD, the conference, or a sprint, need to be polished and refined and
fall into line with the Plone brand. The logo idea presented is good in
concept, but not in execution and I think Tim was up front with that caveat.
So use it as inspiration for something that's fun for WPD but still works
for Plone the brand. 


Hi All,

I hardly think selling to the State Government of NSW and Federal Government
of Australia are corporate bums. Government in Australia are very
conservative and are accustomed to dealing with large software corporations.
So yes to compete and bring the benefits of open source to Government, Plone
will need become more corporate in its appeal. If this doesn’t happen I fear
Plone will not survive.

Chris, you must be in a very good finanical position where you can choose
your clients and "discount corporate bums".

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