[Evangelism] Re: [Plone-developers] Further call for help with WPD Logo

Tim Knapp duffyd at kokorice.org
Wed Sep 24 19:58:21 UTC 2008

Hi all,

Yeah someone else had brought this to my attention recently too but I
had responded with the same question Gabrielle had raised re. the
conferences' use of the logo so thanks for the clarification martin.

I did have a chat to Alex the other day on #plone and he suggested the
<limi>  duffyd: how about keeping it simple instead? write "World Plone
Day" in the DIN font next to the http://plone.org/about/logo?

So I think we'll possibly end up doing something along these lines.

Thanks again,

On Wed, 2008-09-24 at 20:52 +0100, Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker wrote:
> > Hey Jon:
> > 
> > While I totally agree with the idea behind the branding decision (hey  
> > I have a marketing degree and worked with big brands myself), I am a  
> > bit confused with the notion of a "modified version" of the Plone logo  
> > considering the fact that the official Plone Conference logo (see  
> > attached) is using a modified version of the Plone logo.
> I suspect they're granted dispensation. :)
> > Does this mean that we can only use the Plone logo in its purest form  
> > as shown on the Plone site? No other background color, no overlapping  
> > of any other design elements?
> > 
> > Again, I am just trying to understand what is ok and what's not since  
> > we are trying to promote Plone.
> http://plone.org/foundation/committees/ip/policy may provide some guidance.
> I agree that this sounds a bit strict, but it's actually quite important 
> to preserve some integrity over trademark and logo usage. Better to have 
> a clear rule than to be subject to value judgements and individual 
> opinion on a case-by-case basis.
> Martin

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