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Christian Scholz cs at comlounge.net
Wed Oct 29 14:15:11 UTC 2008


I wanted to be somewhat more active with this here but workload is a bit
high at the moment. But here are my remarks.

So the thing with all this if IMHO that you need to build a web2.0
community before such events, not with such events. Basically it means
things like putting a "Follow Plone on twitter" button and a link to a
Facebook group on the plone.org homepage. Moreover it might be helpful
to also offer a link to subscribe to news via email (also news should be
more visible). Can be done with Feedburner or other tools (but should
produce statistics so we know what is working and what is not).

And to those who say that putting this web2.0 crap on the homepage makes
no sense because tomorrow xyz instead of abc is the cool thing, just
tell that then we switch to xyz ;-) You simply have to monitor this
space to see where you reach people best.

Of course also the logo on the homepage should IMHO be updated ASAP.

As for WPD you said most things already, I would add:

- create a new twitter account for WPD, put in the URL and some description
- post some updates on WPD and start following people. You might not
want to add too many people at once though as this looks like spamming.
Start with the Plone community and their followers to follow, then reach
out (e.g. use Scoble's followers or something like that ;-) )
- put a link to the FB event and the twitter button on the homepage
(create some nice buttons maybe)
- on FB invite as many people as possible to the event (spamming seems
to be quite normal there ;-) ).
- tell your twitter followers about the FB event and all the other stuff
once it's there. It's probably good to make a checklist of what to
announce where when you have some news to spread.
- tell the community to reach out to bloggers individually, prepare some
blogger compatible "press release". Everybody who blogs might know that
the normal press release blurb is not really stuff easily to copy and
paste you might want to have some sort of pre-defined blog post you
spread around. In general it should be as easy as possible for anybody
to spread the news:
- make a list what people can do in a subsection of WPD like
   - all the sites we are active in and where people can invite their
own contacts to.
   - prepared blog posts/news items for people to reblog/retweet
   - call for spreading tweets from the WPD account.
   - contacts of people whom they can ask for help

Here's something more:

Ask participants in the event to setup some ustream-based streaming of
the event. It would be great to somehow show off those streams which are
active at some point in time.
Maybe also a plain listing of all the events would be nice to show how
many there are.

Registering worldploneday.org might also make sense and can stay there
for the years to come (we repeat this, right? ;-) ).

In general it would be nice to have more numbers, esp. such which do not
compare it directly with other CMSes because that's not always fair and
might not say anything. Rather it would be nice to know more about
website statistics, downloads, contributor growth over the years,
commits over the years, distribution of the community around the world,
posting frequencies on the main mailing list over time etc.

This always makes nice slides depending on how you present it (I once
saw a presentation about drupal which was kinda like that and was quite
well done).

It might also make sense to try to get evangelism a bit more active
maybe by making a weekly skype call or something like that. Might help
to keep people motivated. I guess some chair of that group would be
needed (Nate, are you something like that? :-) ).

And again, statistics is important. We should know afterwards which
channel worked best etc. This includes growth of twitter users, FB
group, email subscriptions and so on.

Ok, that are my quick thoughts on that. Hope they help! :-)

-- Christian

PS: Send greetings to Chris Brogan from me, Nate! :-) (not sure he still
remembers me though) In any case Chris should know more about this than
I do, the PF should hire him ;-)

Nate Aune wrote:
>> I can help with this.
> great!  if you hadn't volunteered, i was going to volunteer you
anyways. ;)
>> write a blog post which will appear on Planet Plone outlining a list
of ways
>> people can help spread the word.
>> post to FB profile
> don't forget to post to the Plone group on LinkedIn
> http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=2300
> Also, event listing sites such as Eventful.com, Upcoming.org and
> Zvents.com. You can use http://gigblastr.com to bulk post events to
> the first two, Twitter, and we're working on Facebook posting.
>> follow my own advice in 1)
>> I can post to Digg, have never posted to Slashdot
>> Does Plone have a fan page in Facebook? I can't seem to figure out how to
>> search for one.
> It wasn't easy to find. The only way I could locate it was by browsing.
> http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2247154032
>> Nate, don't you have a list of media contacts? Does anyone have
>> with prominent bloggers? Maybe we can try blogs like TechCrunch.
> I met Michael Arrington once but I don't think he remembers me. I know
> Chris Brogan and could see if he wouldn't mind plugging it on his blog
> and/or twitter network.
>> Does anyone have a detailed listing of all the things we should do?
> No, but this is a great opportunity to make one up. :)  I'm cc'ing
> MrTopf as he has blogged about how to promote Plone the "Web 2.0" way
> and even given a talk about it.
> Nate
>> On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 5:39 PM, Roberto Allende <rover at menttes.com>
>>> Hello
>>> If you are not organizing any wpd event or just have some minutes
and want
>>> to contribute with WPD, here is your chance:
>>> We need *urgently* a WPD Web 2.0 spreader. The task consist on spreading
>>> wpd as much as possible in the www, that includes adding news in
sites like
>>> digg, delicious, twitter, slashdot and many others. Once the news is
>>> you have write here  asking the community join and support it.
>>> The material is ready:
>>> We have a press release: http://plone.org/news/wpd-press-release
>>> And the official WPD site is: http://plone.org/wpd
>>> If you cannot do all the job, but you want to take care doing it in one
>>> site, just do it!
>>> I strongly believe we've a very successful event already, we just
need to
>>> let the world know!
>>> Kind Regards
>>> r.
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>>> http://robertoallende.com
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