[Evangelism] WPD 2008 Slide Deck Rev 2

Constance Kobylarz constance at aton.com
Wed Oct 29 18:55:04 UTC 2008


I have made changes to the WPD 2008 Slide Deck per the recent
discussions on the list. It is titled "World Plone Day 2008 Slide Deck -
color logos Rev2"

Today (29 Oct 2008) Plone.net shows 282 providers in 57 countries. I
have changed the WPD 2008 slide deck to show this new number.

I have added the new book "Plone 3 Through the Web" to Slide 12 with all
of the other books (I deleted the Zope book to conserve space and make
the slide consistent) and changed Slide 11 to show 7 books.

And I have added a new slide (currently number 2 slide) to show the new
award "Best Other Open Source CMS for 2008" by Pakt Publishing. 

The new presentation is available at:


Slideshare is not showing my updated notes. If you download the
presentation, you can see the correct set of notes.


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