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Hi Tim,

> We've got a similar idea[1] for World Plone Day, i.e. fill out an online
> survey and win 1 of 8 books from PacktPub. Is there any way we could
> colloborate on producing the survey?

Why don't you start a wiki page in the Plone Marketing area on
openplans.org, with some questions that you think should be asked on
the survey. Then we can open it up for suggestions and try to put
together a list that will become the definitive WPD survey.

I agree with Jon that using SurveyMonkey is probably our best best
since it's a hosted service and so we don't have to worry about
maintaining it.


> On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 19:38 -0400, Nate Aune wrote:
>> Hi Karl and Matt,
>> Great talking to you both at the Plone Conference about gathering
>> statistics about the size and scope of the Plone community. See this
>> recent discussion on plone.user on this subject:
>> http://groups.google.com/group/plone-users/browse_thread/thread/efbf35c618f02135/b0f733b1efd846e2?lnk=gst#b0f733b1efd846e2
>> > Regarding your Plone Census, that's a great idea.  Making direct calls to validate and update Plone.net numbers would be feasible if we > did it by contacting a scientific sample.  Then we could at least put error bars on our estimates.
>> Who would like to volunteer to make these calls to validate the
>> numbers? At the marketing session at the sprint, we also discussed
>> asking Plone vendors also if they would be willing to be the press
>> contact for their particular country/region/language. So we could kill
>> two birds with one stone when making these phone calls.
>> > In a similar but less formal vein, on my blog, I make an attempt to fish out interesting stats and track them over time.  For example, I
>> > check the Amazon bookrank numbers every quarter.  Attached is a spreadsheet in which I'm trying to accumulate values on a wide ?
>> > number of parameters relevant to Plone's acceptance, visibility, and programmatic health.  Some of the difficult numbers might be
>> > easily found by someone with more access to Launchpad numbers.  Others are just plain hard-to-get numbers.
>> Could you post this spreadsheet to the openplans area that I've set up
>> for identifying metrics and collecting/analyzing statistics?
>> http://www.openplans.org/projects/plone-marketing/metrics-and-statistics
>> We might also want to make this available as a Google Spreadsheet so
>> that others can contribute to it.
>> Would you be willing to the the team leader for the "Metrics and
>> Statistics" marketing working group?
>> > Also on my blog I've floated the idea of the "Great Backyard Plone Count," to be modeled after the Audubon Society's "Great Backyard > Bird Count."  Dedicate a weekend for Plonistas to do informal surveys of Plone use and report in via a website.  (BTW, the Audubon
>> > Society uses Plone for their annual bird count :-)
>> Jon Stahl (cc'ed) has used Surveymonkey.com in the past to conduct
>> surveys, mostly around the Plone conference 2006 in Seattle. I've also
>> used this service and found it to be quite good. We could come up with
>> some different surveys to gather statistics about things we would like
>> to know about the Plone community. Maybe we could offer a prize to one
>> lucky survey responder, and get sponsors to give something away to
>> encourage people to fill out the survey. For example, Packt Publishing
>> could donate a Plone book.
>> > Another approach is data mining like Lakomy's estimate of Plone use in England:
>> > http://www.llakomy.com/articles/plone-websites-in-uk/)  This has promise if we can overcome some of the hurdles he faced, like
>> > limitations on search results brought back by Google.
>> Yes, this is an interesting study and one we should consider doing on
>> a more global scale.
>> Nate
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>> > From: Matt Hamilton <matth at netsight.co.uk>
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>> > Subject: Plone statistics
>> > Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 08:27:31 -0600 (MDT) (envelope-from matth at netsight.co.uk)
>> >> Hiya,
>> >>    I just saw your stats blog from the Plone Marketing group on Open
>> >> Plans.  I don't think i got a chance to meet you at Plone Conf this
>> >> year, but at the sprint afterwards we had a really good session on
>> >> marketing.  One of the items I want to deal with is the perennial 'how
>> >> many people are using Plone?' 'how big is 'plone'?' etc... to this end
>> >> I want to try and create a set of re-usable statistics for marketing
>> >> purposes that we can revisit each year.  My thoughts are some kind of
>> >> 'Plone Census'.
>> >>
>> >> I originally wanted to extract info from plone.net, as it has hidden
>> >> info on number of employees and turnover of each company.  However
>> >> that data has probably not been updated since each profile was created
>> >> (and some profiles are of companies that no longer exist).  In
>> >> chatting to Dave Shapiro of Pilot Systems in Paris who runs Plone.net
>> >> we had the idea of a slightly more in-depth Plone Census, which will
>> >> probabaly involve actually calling up each of the companies on
>> >> Plone.net and trying to extract a bit more info out of them.  And also
>> >> maybe use it as a chance to plug the upcoming plone.net sponsorship
>> >> programme.
>> >>
>> >> Since you are interested in statistics, I was hoping you might have
>> >> some input on this process (so far we've only had a 15 min chat
>> >> outside the sprint, so feel free to blow holes in our ideas!).
>> >>
>> >> -Matt
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