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Tim Knapp duffyd at kokorice.org
Mon Oct 20 23:58:35 UTC 2008

Hi Nate,

We've got a similar idea[1] for World Plone Day, i.e. fill out an online
survey and win 1 of 8 books from PacktPub. Is there any way we could
colloborate on producing the survey?


[1] http://www.openplans.org/projects/plone-marketing/wpd-roadmap

On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 19:38 -0400, Nate Aune wrote:
> Hi Karl and Matt,
> Great talking to you both at the Plone Conference about gathering
> statistics about the size and scope of the Plone community. See this
> recent discussion on plone.user on this subject:
> http://groups.google.com/group/plone-users/browse_thread/thread/efbf35c618f02135/b0f733b1efd846e2?lnk=gst#b0f733b1efd846e2
> > Regarding your Plone Census, that's a great idea.  Making direct calls to validate and update Plone.net numbers would be feasible if we > did it by contacting a scientific sample.  Then we could at least put error bars on our estimates.
> Who would like to volunteer to make these calls to validate the
> numbers? At the marketing session at the sprint, we also discussed
> asking Plone vendors also if they would be willing to be the press
> contact for their particular country/region/language. So we could kill
> two birds with one stone when making these phone calls.
> > In a similar but less formal vein, on my blog, I make an attempt to fish out interesting stats and track them over time.  For example, I
> > check the Amazon bookrank numbers every quarter.  Attached is a spreadsheet in which I'm trying to accumulate values on a wide ?
> > number of parameters relevant to Plone's acceptance, visibility, and programmatic health.  Some of the difficult numbers might be
> > easily found by someone with more access to Launchpad numbers.  Others are just plain hard-to-get numbers.
> Could you post this spreadsheet to the openplans area that I've set up
> for identifying metrics and collecting/analyzing statistics?
> http://www.openplans.org/projects/plone-marketing/metrics-and-statistics
> We might also want to make this available as a Google Spreadsheet so
> that others can contribute to it.
> Would you be willing to the the team leader for the "Metrics and
> Statistics" marketing working group?
> > Also on my blog I've floated the idea of the "Great Backyard Plone Count," to be modeled after the Audubon Society's "Great Backyard > Bird Count."  Dedicate a weekend for Plonistas to do informal surveys of Plone use and report in via a website.  (BTW, the Audubon
> > Society uses Plone for their annual bird count :-)
> Jon Stahl (cc'ed) has used Surveymonkey.com in the past to conduct
> surveys, mostly around the Plone conference 2006 in Seattle. I've also
> used this service and found it to be quite good. We could come up with
> some different surveys to gather statistics about things we would like
> to know about the Plone community. Maybe we could offer a prize to one
> lucky survey responder, and get sponsors to give something away to
> encourage people to fill out the survey. For example, Packt Publishing
> could donate a Plone book.
> > Another approach is data mining like Lakomy's estimate of Plone use in England:
> > http://www.llakomy.com/articles/plone-websites-in-uk/)  This has promise if we can overcome some of the hurdles he faced, like
> > limitations on search results brought back by Google.
> Yes, this is an interesting study and one we should consider doing on
> a more global scale.
> Nate
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> > From: Matt Hamilton <matth at netsight.co.uk>
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> > Subject: Plone statistics
> > Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 08:27:31 -0600 (MDT) (envelope-from matth at netsight.co.uk)
> >> Hiya,
> >>    I just saw your stats blog from the Plone Marketing group on Open
> >> Plans.  I don't think i got a chance to meet you at Plone Conf this
> >> year, but at the sprint afterwards we had a really good session on
> >> marketing.  One of the items I want to deal with is the perennial 'how
> >> many people are using Plone?' 'how big is 'plone'?' etc... to this end
> >> I want to try and create a set of re-usable statistics for marketing
> >> purposes that we can revisit each year.  My thoughts are some kind of
> >> 'Plone Census'.
> >>
> >> I originally wanted to extract info from plone.net, as it has hidden
> >> info on number of employees and turnover of each company.  However
> >> that data has probably not been updated since each profile was created
> >> (and some profiles are of companies that no longer exist).  In
> >> chatting to Dave Shapiro of Pilot Systems in Paris who runs Plone.net
> >> we had the idea of a slightly more in-depth Plone Census, which will
> >> probabaly involve actually calling up each of the companies on
> >> Plone.net and trying to extract a bit more info out of them.  And also
> >> maybe use it as a chance to plug the upcoming plone.net sponsorship
> >> programme.
> >>
> >> Since you are interested in statistics, I was hoping you might have
> >> some input on this process (so far we've only had a 15 min chat
> >> outside the sprint, so feel free to blow holes in our ideas!).
> >>
> >> -Matt
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