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ZEA is here for that task, IMHO, and we should push more ZEA Partners  
in all our communication.

Then, we could say that the plone.net directory _is_ a network,  
especially when the sponsoring and premium partners will be listed  


Le 14 oct. 08 à 00:59, Nate Aune a écrit :

> Hi Roberto,
> I'm in full agreement with you about sending out press releases  
> every time a major version of Plone is released. I would also  
> suggest sending out press releases every time there is a major  
> conference or symposium.
> We also discussed inviting journalists to come to the conferences  
> (why weren't there any at this year's conference?) and making it  
> easy for journalists to write stories about Plone. This could mean  
> making a plone.org/press area with press contact persons, logos,  
> photos and elevator pitches / soundbites that journalists could use  
> to construct a story about Plone.
> Very interesting to hear your comments about partner networks. I  
> suspect that this will be hard for the Plone Foundation to do,  
> since these networks are typically set up to work with a commercial  
> vendor, not with a non-profit foundation. I think it's more likely  
> that individual Plone vendors could join for example the Redhat  
> network.
> Nate
> Roberto Allende wrote:
>> Hello
>> I was reading yesterday tickets and i'd like to mention two issues  
>> IHMO are very important:
>> 1. Press Releases
>> 2. Partnership networks
>> 1. Press Releases
>> We should have someone in charge of writing press releases. I  
>> think it's very important the Foundation releases a press release  
>> everytime there's a new version, an important event and so on.  
>> Ideally the press release would be written by a journalist, so  
>> they're usually contacted with other journalists and medias. I  
>> believe this cannot be done by volunteer job and it would be great  
>> if the foundation can pay a freelancer journalist. Probably we  
>> could contact other open source foundations, such as FSF and ask  
>> if we can work together, asking them how are they solving this issue.
>> 2. Partnership networks
>> Probably this should be discussed inside Zea Partners, but i found  
>> many cases where gov and corps choose Alfresco, just because is in  
>> the Red Hat partnership network: http://rhx.redhat.com/rhx/catalog/ 
>> index.jspa
>> I already contacted them, but i'm not sure about their interest of  
>> having Plone there.. anyway, we could identify Partnetship  
>> networks and try to get there (probably Novell has one, and so  
>> on). I'll could keep moving this, but in some point i would need  
>> "official" suport.
>> I hope you believe are goods ideas.
>> Kind Regards
>> r.
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