[Evangelism] demo.plone.org

Tim Knapp duffyd at kokorice.org
Tue Oct 14 00:07:02 UTC 2008

Hi Nate,

Definitely a +1!

Back in the day we did have this but it quickly fell behind the current
Plone releases so there will need to be personnel/volunteers in place to
keep this up-to-date but I'm thinking with buildout nowadays things
should be a lot simpler.


On Mon, 2008-10-13 at 19:53 -0400, Nate Aune wrote:
> I'd like to explore the idea of creating a demo.plone.org site that
> hosts the current released version of Plone, and would serve as a
> place folks could go to try out Plone *before* downloading it. While
> the installers make it very easy to try out Plone, some folks are
> hesitant to install new software on their computer, and some IT depts
> forbid it.
> The demo.plone.org site would have logins for a standard unprivileged
> user, a reviewer and an admin user. It would get cleared out every
> night with a fresh Data.fs. This could be done with a simple script
> that's executed on a scheduled basis using cron. We could use
> something like Amberjack [1] or Flowgram [2] to create an interactive
> guided tour to "hold the hand" of new users through the process of
> creating new content, reviewing content, administering a Plone site,
> etc.
> what do folks think about this idea? I think it would be nice to have
> this available to coincide with the launch of the newly redesigned
> plone.org website.
> Nate
> [1] http://amberjack.org/
> [2] http://www.flowgram.com/

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