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On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 10:05 PM, Gerry Kirk <gerry.kirk at gmail.com> wrote:

> Indeed, thanks for taking the lead on this Constance. My favourite slide is
> the $50k one too. :)

Yes, this is visually a very powerful way to show the differences between
commercially licensed CMSes and customizable open source CMSes. I think it's
important however to clarify what we mean by customization, as Matt Hamilton
mentioned at the "So you want to be a Plone consultant" panel discussion
that when customers see how much money goes towards customization, they
assume that the CMS must not have very much out-of-the-box functionality,
and therefore needs a lot of customization.

We should preface this slide by showing just how much you get with Plone
out-of-the-box, and how with most commercial CMSes, you have to pay for all
of those extra features as expensive add-ons. We could also mention that 99%
of all Plone add-ons are also freely downloadable, so even if Plone doesn't
have a particular feature built-in, there is probably a 3rd party add-on
which satisfies one's requirement.

In the case of Plone, the customizations are usually going to come in the
form of:
- custom theme
- custom workflows
- custom content types

One key principle with presentations is to use maximum visual and minimal
> text. Seth Godin advocates no more than 6 words on a slide, for example.
> Presentations are more about emotions than data.
> For example, the Who Uses Plone slide could become instead a series of
> slides that are visuals of the sites themselves. Seeing the sites is the
> ultimate proof, and also shows the variety of ways the Plone look can be
> customized.
> Another option is to have one message per slide, something centred on the
> page for the How Can Plone Help You? bullet points.
> For the 7 reasons, is there a visual way to depict most of those?

I just uploaded a couple slide decks that I've used in past presentations
which I've repurposed for anyone who wants to use them for World Plone Day.
I've tried to keep the number of slides to a minimum, make use of images to
convey meaning and keep the amount of text on the slide to a minimum.


As suggested by Limi on the last Plone Foundation board call, I'd like to
add some branding and put the new Plone logo on the slides with text - also
the World Plone Day logo on the first slide.

I can make these slide decks available as Keynote and Powerpoint files as
well, so that they can be modified. Please note that they are licensed under
a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-alike license, so if you do enhance
them, please share your contributions back to the community.

Before I do so, I'd like Mark Corum (cc'ed) to look over these slides and
make sure that everything checks out okay. In particular, I'm concerned
about using the company logos and screenshots. I can replace the slide of
company logos with just the names of the companies, if that makes things

I'd also like Mark to give his input on whether we should standardize on a
single slide deck and make that the "official" World Plone Day or if it
makes sense to have several slide decks available depending on the type of
audience you are presenting to and the amount of time you have to make your
pitch. ex: 10 min, 30 min, 1 hr.

Constance - what are your thoughts on this? I think your slides are
excellent and I'm happy to just go with yours if people feel strongly that
we should have a single slide deck to keep the message uniform and

Last point, are we all on the marketing mailing list so we can discuss
> issues without having to grab everyone's email? Where is the info for
> signing up?

I've cc'ed the evangelism at lists.plone.org list so from now on this
conversation can take place there instead of cc'ing everyone. If you haven't
already, please sign up for the evangelism list at:

You can also read the messages at
http://groups.google.com/group/plone-evangelism if you prefer reading the
messages on Google Groups.


2008/10/16 Constance Kobylarz <constance at aton.com>
> Hello Plone Marketing Team,
>> I've completed a basic slide deck for World Plone Day 2008. The link on
>> Slideshare is:
>> http://www.slideshare.net/secret/eMfythjwxMfLrR
>> I have saved it in private mode until you have had a chance to look at
>> it and offer suggestions.
>> My goal was to create an overview that could be presented to a variety
>> of potential users--and keep the number of slides to a minimum - lots of
>> content in the notes. Please have a look there, too.
>> Once we have a final version, I will change it to public status.
>> I welcome your suggestions!
>> Best Regards,
>> Constance Kobylarz Wilde
>> Email: constance at aton.com
>> Web: www.aton.com
>> Blog: www.3GenFamily.com

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