[Evangelism] Lessons learned from the first World Plone Day

Tim Knapp duffyd at kokorice.org
Sat Nov 8 02:07:17 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-11-07 at 20:11 +0100, Jan Ulrich Hasecke wrote:
> Hi all,
> the World Plone Day was great fun and a fairly good success given  
> that it was the first WPD ever and that we started very late to  
> promote it.
> So I think we will have a World Plone Day next year.
>  From the lessons we've learned we should discuss improvements for  
> the next years WPD.
> Here are my proposals.
> 1. True international homepage
> We need to have a multilingual website called worldploneday.org, so  
> that each national team can translate announcements and infos into  
> their national language and refer to it in their national PR.
> 2. Refining target group
> We discovered that a great percentage of our participants were people  
> who already heard of Plone before or even uses it already. So it is  
> good to have a mixture of basic talks like »What Is Plone?« or »The  
> Plone Community«, but you definitely need some presentations for an  
> advanced audience, for people who already know Plone and its community.
> 3. More time to prepare the World Plone Day
> The DZUG e.V. (German Zope User Group) is planning its annual  
> schedule in late december or early january. In 2008 the WPD-idea came  
> too late for us, so that we could not support our community in an  
> optimal way. For our annual plan for 2009 it is crucial to know  
> whether and when apporximately there will be a WPD in 2009.
> I would propose to have a WPD not too late in the year, to avoid  
> conflicts with the Plone Conference, but I am fine with a World Plone  
> Day in next years november again.
> 4. Give-aways! I know their were some, but we've got none. :-(

I emailed the lists a few of times (plone-users/developers, evangelism)
asking for addresses but didn't receive a response from you (I did
receive a response from Max Jakob and Dr. Wolfgang Tank.


> 5. More noise in the media and the web especially all these web 2.0  
> sites.
> juh
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