[Evangelism] Re: Operation Ditch Plone

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Nov 6 22:24:19 UTC 2008

On 11/5/2008 8:42 PM, Howard Butler wrote:
> I have edited the RFC to no longer denigrate Plone.

Thanks, Howard.

I'll continue to work with you offline about this. It's not about Plone 
at this point. It's about community. MapServer needs a responsive 
community. Putting up a community site doesn't build community. And you 
have plenty of people. The new RFC says you have 3000 people on your 
mailing list. The challenge is how to make 3000 contributors out of 
them. Plone has been doing a pretty good job with this. Maybe there are 
some ideas from that experience which would work for MapServer.


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