Re[Evangelism] ach out, mediation, guidance and Plone world peace: recent examples of the process and of products

Karl Horak KEHORAK at
Wed Nov 5 21:03:36 UTC 2008


Thanks for all the suggested options--they're all good ones.  As you point
out, it would be nice if there was sort of one-stop shopping for all this.  

Re:  Mediation.  I agree that interposing one's self between tech adviser
and customer would be dangerous and probably counter-productive.  However,
its possible that there might be an ombudsman role in all this.  

Mostly I'm concerned about the damage that can be caused by run-away
negative web comments if they are not identified and, if possible,
remediated.  Certainly erroneous blogs need to be corrected; inaccuracies
and misstatements clarified.  I see this kind of activity by the Plone
community members all the time, especially by Board members.  


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