Re[Evangelism] ach out, mediation, guidance and Plone world peace: recent examples of the process and of products

Graham Perrin G.J.Perrin at
Wed Nov 5 06:39:42 UTC 2008

>> … a process that tracks frustrated users and implementers, reach out to
>> them even when they haven't asked or don't know how to ask for help, give
>> them the TLC they need …

… guidance first, with the option of mediation to follow. …

exemplary of plenty of guidance, with no mediation; a desirable process,
occurring naturally. 

real and imaginary add-on products that should minimise, mitigate and
prevent frustration.

So: suitable process do occur, and occur happily, but and Plone
people might offer a clearer 'advertisement' of excellent approaches to

At <> there's reference to
<>; there's another
similar page knocking around, maybe unpublished. In due course, let's
request an update to one or both of those pages, reflecting outcomes of the
questions posed by Karl.

OK, on with the discussion … who's next?

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