[Evangelism] Surviving the global economic crisis: Open Source Business Cluster fights back with collaboration

Dylan Jay gmane at dylanjay.com
Tue Nov 4 12:25:13 UTC 2008

Hi Everyone,

As part of world plone day Pretaweb in Australia has coordinated the 
launch of Australia's first Open source business cluster to occur on the 
same day. It will be a media and client event in which we will highlight 
Plone, it's world wide develop network and the advantages of open source 
in general. If you know anyone in the media to which the following press 
release would be interesting then please forward it on.


Contact: Virginia Choy					 For Immediate Release
Ph: 955-2830
Email: Virginia at pretaweb.com

Surviving the global economic crisis:  Open Source Business Cluster 
fights back with collaboration.

 From big business to Government agencies to non-profit organisations, 
no one is escaping the financial crisis engulfing the world economy. As 
budgets are slashed jobs are being lost and projects are on hold or 
spending reduced. IT managers are looking for solutions to achieve the 
same quality outcomes with innovative and cost effective solutions. 
According to PretaWeb’s Business Development Manager, Virginia Choy open 
source technology is increasingly satisfying these needs. “Open source 
is all about collaboration between a large number of people to achieve 
efficiencies. More and more, business and Government are realising the 
immense benefits of open source solutions which is increased value for 
money such as no licence fees, superior security, better quality and 
wide support. The economic crisis is a catalyst for organisations to 
consider open source as an alternative and move away from propriety 
software,” Ms Choy said.

The Dutch government set a soft deadline of April 2008 for its agencies 
to start using open-source software. Ministry spokesman Edwin van 
Scherrenburg said, “the government estimates it would save $8.8 million 
a year on city housing registers alone after switching to the Open 
Document Format standard.

Australia’s first Open Source Business Cluster will be launched at 
Google’s Sydney Headquarters on 7 November. The cluster’s objectives are to:
•	provide business and Government with a single point of contact for 
access to vendors offering consulting, development and support of open 
source solutions.
•	inform business and Government on how to leverage off open source 
technologies to achieve greater value for money, higher quality software 
and fit to need outcomes.
•	encourage open source companies to collaborate with the objective to 
promote and grow the open source industry.
The cluster member’s currently include Digital Armour Corporation, 
Syntonic Corporation Pty Ltd and PretaWeb Pty Ltd. These companies offer 
a range of open source solutions including Asterix PABX, Plone CMS and 
Linux services.

  If you'd like more information about the Open Source Business Cluster, 
or to schedule an interview with Virginia Choy, please call 02-9955-2830 
or e-mail Virginia at Virginia at pretaweb.com

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