[Evangelism] WPD 2008 Slide Deck - Rev 2

Constance Kobylarz constance at aton.com
Tue Nov 4 04:55:38 UTC 2008

Nate and Tim,


I have made the changes as indicated below after each item. I have also
added an extra slide for the new book coming out in April 2009.


This is now called World Plone Day 2008 - Rev 3


New slides are uploaded:







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Hi Constance, 


The updated slide deck looks great! Nice job!  I have a few suggestions:


1)      The Plone logo should maybe be left off the slides that already
have graphics, as it seems to compete for attention on those slides, or
maybe just move the logo flush right and make it a bit smaller  -- Done


2) On slide 6, you might want to say something about Plone working in
all major browsers (cross-browser) and that the javascript gracefully
degrades for browsers that don't have javascript or CSS enabled. You
could also mention that Plone supports OpenID for authentication. --


3) On slide 8, you might want to mention that Plone has had very few CVE
entries and that Zope is pursuing Common Criteria certification for Zope
-- Took excerpts from Jon Stahl's Journal and included in notes.


4) On slide 10, i think the 50 languages is an overstatement and it's
actually something like 35 or so. -- Done


5) On slide 12, I would put "how-tos and tutorials" on one line and "on
plone.org" on the next line for better readability. - Have  put in hard
returns to keep the text from migrating.


6) On slide 14, it would be more visually interesting to show a world
map with pins representing each of the 282 providers. This would really
demonstrate Plone's global reach more dramatically than simply a number
and some words.

Does anyone want to attempt to make such a map? Perhaps using Jarn's
Maps product? http://plone.org/products/maps -- 


This is beyond what I can do in time for World Plone Day on Friday.
Perhaps, someone would like to produce a map for Plone.net that could
also be used on Plone.org and in presentations.


7) On slide 15, I'm not sure if it's such a good idea to use all those
corporate logos without getting expressed written permission first. Many
corporate legal depts are have quite strict policies in regards to use
of their corporate identity.

We should probably play it safe and just list the names of the orgs.
Perhaps 3 columns with samples from each sector: edu, ngo, biz  - Done

The last slide might be a "For more info" slide with helpful links to
resources (plone.org, plone.net, plone.tv) and more info about the local
Plone user group (if there is one in the area). - Done




On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 2:55 PM, Constance Kobylarz <constance at aton.com>


I have made changes to the WPD 2008 Slide Deck per the recent
discussions on the list. It is titled "World Plone Day 2008 Slide Deck -
color logos Rev2"

Today (29 Oct 2008) Plone.net shows 282 providers in 57 countries. I
have changed the WPD 2008 slide deck to show this new number.

I have added the new book "Plone 3 Through the Web" to Slide 12 with all
of the other books (I deleted the Zope book to conserve space and make
the slide consistent) and changed Slide 11 to show 7 books.

And I have added a new slide (currently number 2 slide) to show the new
award "Best Other Open Source CMS for 2008" by Pakt Publishing.

The new presentation is available at:


Slideshare is not showing my updated notes. If you download the
presentation, you can see the correct set of notes.


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