[Evangelism] B Corporations - interesting new association for social benefit corporations

Jon Stahl jonstahl at gmail.com
Mon May 26 01:20:45 UTC 2008

Dear Plonistas,

As many of you know, I work for a nonprofit organization, 
ONE/Northwest.  But many of you work for small-and-growing consulting 
firms or other for-profit entities.  Nonetheless many of you have a 
strong social benefit ethic in your work, whereby you seek to do good 
while you earn a livelihood.

I've recently become aware of B Corporation 
(http://www.bcorporation.net), a cool new initiative to create standards 
for and to "shine the light" upon social benefit corporations, and to 
help corporations incorporate social benefit concepts into their legal 
governance structures.

Interestingly, they've also partnered with Salesforce.com Foundation to 
make the Salesforce CRM platform available to B Corporations at an 80% 
discount. (See http://www.csrwire.com/News/11396.html).

I could see quite a few of the Plone consulting shops I know finding it 
very interesting to explore and be visible in this new community.


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