[Evangelism] Road (idea) Map - Marketing analysis directed toward marketing goals achievement.

Enovant JPR jpr at enovant.ch
Tue Mar 11 21:15:37 UTC 2008

We have prepared a non-comprehensive analysis to outline goals and  
ideas for marketing development.

http://www.haritomedia.com/plone_marketing-1.6.pdf (please download,  
will be removed in two weeks)

Neither of us are qualified to comment on the section of item 2c.  
Usability (Developer) and have left that section blank.

We are introducing some ideas regarding how to understand what  
marketing means to Plone development.

The goal of this analysis is to identify simple keys to achieving  
market goals. We hope this leads to a stronger understanding of  
marketing in the Plone community regarding the importance of the  
marketing process.

Marketing is more than getting known at the next conference, which is  
also important. Marketing is about integrating intelligence and  
qualifying intelligence and communicating it throughout an  
organization in order to achieve results in product improvement and  
market penetration. This is already happening in the Plone community  
but still in the process of maturing.

Comments, criticisms and suggestions welcome.

John P. Reisman
Harito M. Reisman
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