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Hi Dylan,

How did your talk go?
What where your key points regarding PloneGov?

I am working on PloneGov in collaboration with 4teamwork in  
Switzerland, creating main marketing points, writing texts (in  
German...), addressing the government set standards/requirements and  
we soon have a new theme ready for the PloneGov sites.

I could imagine that the "problems" or relevant points may vary from  
country to country, resp. continent, for example the "open source" has  
in the eyes of customers advantages that they ay think "all is for  
free or at least very cheap", and downsides as "reliabilities/ 
stability" that need to be addressed. Plus the swiss have a high brand  
awareness and Plone does not fulfill that aspect yet.

would love to hear your input re PloneGov


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I'm giving two talks at CeBit in Sydney, AU this friday. It;s a pretty  
big event and is a good opportunity to promote plone in australia. The  
topics are "Enterprise 2.0 with Plone" and "eGovernment with Plone".

If anyone has some good case stories, slides, or just some ideas what  
they'd like to see in these presentations, any help would be  

Dylan Jay. pretaweb.com

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