[Evangelism] Want to improve Plone marketing?

Nate Aune natea at jazkarta.com
Mon Feb 4 00:48:02 UTC 2008

Dear Plone enthusiasts,

The newly reformed Plone Marketing committee is seeking highly
motivated members of the community who want to serve on the committee.
If you are interested, please contact me with
a brief summary of why you would like to serve on the committee and
your ideas for improving the marketing and promotion of Plone.

In an effort to build some momentum around Plone marketing efforts,
the Plone foundation board has reinstated the Plone marketing
committee. I will be chairing the committee and Jon Stahl and Geir
Bœkholt will also be serving as members.

The first task of the newly formed committee is to prepare a roadmap
of marketing efforts to tackle in 2008, to be discussed and refined at
the upcoming Plone Strategic Planning Summit starting on friday at the
Googleplex. [1]

Also, while we're on the subject of marketing, please send your
marketing materials to marketing at plone.org. They will be used to
conduct a brand audit at the upcoming summit and eventually produce a
package of reusable marketing materials about Plone. [2]

There is also a marketing committee area on plone.org [3] with
information on mailing lists and a wiki on openplans.org [4] which we
can use for organizing these marketing efforts.

Looking forward to your responses and ideas for marketing Plone in 2008!


[1] http://plone.org/events/2008-summit/plone-strategic-planning-summit-at-the-googleplex/
[2] http://plone.org/news/you-can-help-plone-marketing/
[3] http://plone.org/foundation/committees/marketing-committee/
[4] http://www.openplans.org/projects/plone-marketing/

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