[Evangelism] Re: April 26, 2009 WPD ??

Érico Andrei erico at simplesconsultoria.com.br
Mon Dec 22 17:33:28 UTC 2008

2008/12/22 Roberto Allende <rover at menttes.com>

> Since there are people who prefer Friday, we could think in a World Plone
> Week instead of a Day, that would give freedom to every host to choose its
> date according to local preferences, target and so on.

I think we should keep it as a World Plone Day and have most of the events
happening within a 24h-48h timeframe (as we had on this year's WPD) around
the proposed date.

> Regarding your proposal and assuming there are no issue with the week
> approach, there's a national day in Argentina during that dates
> unfortunately, so i would prefer the previous one, April 20th to 26th.

If we pursue this timeframe window would it be better for you guys in
Argentina -- having your WPD one day prior to your holiday?

erico andrei
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