[Evangelism] Re: World Plone Day 2009

Roberto Allende rover at menttes.com
Thu Dec 18 18:46:26 UTC 2008

Donna Snow escribió:
> Looking at the calendar it looks like Memorial day is May 25th so I 
> don't recommend doing this on the 22nd as many people will take the 
> Friday off prior to Memorial day weekend. At least around here people 
> start heading out in boats and camping, etc.
> That leaves us May 15 and May 29th - I think May 29th is a Jewish 
> holiday? Can someone confirm? I'm assuming we want to stick with Friday 
> (though Wednesday might be better as it is mid-week)
> Donna M Snow

Thank you Donna, Chriss and all who gave very valuable feedback.

If there are enough consensus we could do it may 27th (Wednesday).
Are there any issue with that date ?

Kind Regards


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