[Evangelism] World Plone Day 2009

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Wed Dec 17 15:52:53 UTC 2008

On 12/16/2008 3:43 PM, Roberto Allende wrote:
> I believe it is a good idea to keep it one month after PC, but before
> december.

I don't know why so close to Plone Conference is good. It takes a lot of 
cat herding just to get the Plone people in my area to go to Plone 
Conference. Then they come back from conference and are immediately 
asked to participate in putting on a local event. It makes the people in 
my local Plone community feel like some people think Plone is the only 
thing in life. Plone is supposed to help them do their jobs, not *be* 
their jobs.

Plus, just as a report, WPD was three days after the general elections 
in the U.S.. Plone people on the whole are usually very aware and active 
sorts. That means lots of us in the U.S. were working our asses off 
trying to get a good election turnout while preparations for WPD were 
just kind of phoned-in. And it showed. In my area had a WPD with the 
same 15 people who come to everything Plone related around here.

I would suggest some time completely opposite of Plone Conference and 
holiday season. I would suggest sometime in the early spring. It could 
get people excited about Plone in a timeframe right before the season 
when there are usually a lot of Plone training events and symposia and 
leading up to Plone Conference.


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