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Nate Aune natea at jazkarta.com
Sun Dec 9 02:04:34 UTC 2007

Hi Marco,

>  I appreciated the news about Plone.tv: thanks.
>  I think this is a great way for newbies to getting in touch with Plone and
> its people for the first time, and to share knowledge and know-how across
> the community.
>  Finally I will be able to listen to the missed talks!  ;)

Yes, we will be adding a bunch more over the weekend.

>  To be honest, I do not have any supporting sponsor so fear I cannot spread
> more the voice of Plone within Italy with my own efforts only, since now I
> must focus on RelationRoutes' business development. I have just started-up
> my consultancy and it is really an high-demanding job trying to advertise
> open source initiatives to the Italian mainstream media, probably because of
> the lack of a specific culture among journalists and the pressure of
> commercial software companies.

What would help you to market Plone to the Italian market?  What are
the competitors that you are up against?


>  Nate Aune ha scritto:
>  Hi Marco,
> It was great that you were able to get Plone featured on Italian TV.
> And fun to watch the video footage on Youtube.
> In your quest to spread knowledge about Plone in italy, you may be
> interested to know about a new site that we recently launched:
> http://plone.tv
> You can find some videos from the Plone conference in Naples here:
> http://plone.tv/conferences/plone-conference-2007
> So you can see some of the talks that you missed. ;)
> Nate
> On 10/26/07, Plone Cenference 2007 - Press Office
> <ploneconference07 at relationroutes.eu> wrote:
>  Dear all,
>  I am still working to spread Plone knowledge in Italy as I did during the
> Conference, being in charge for the Media Relations, to end all the
> operations in a suitable way.
>  The first goal achieved is the TV news report with Limi's and Vincenzo's
> interviews, broadcasted on Oct 11th 2007 by RAI3 - channel 3 of the Italian
> State broadcaster RAI - which has been kindly posted by ' ranzie81 ' on
> YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7OLg1AZvr4
>  Due to my duties at Città della Scienza I met only a few of us and I joined
> less talks than I would have expected: this is the main regret of my
> participation.
>  I would like to thank all the nice people I got in touch with, and I hope
> that we can go further with contacts and business opportunities as well.
>  Kind regards,
>  Marco -- The one who suggested the photo of the community all around Plone!
>  ;-)
>  PS
>  May I ask your opinion?
>  I would be happy if you visit my "made of Plone" website to give a feedback
> about contents and features which I set up but... I am really not a
> programmer! ;-)
>  Please, feel free to comment on the website or to write me at
> ploneconference07 at relationroutes.eu.
>  Any suggestion or contribution to make it better will be really
> appreciated. Thanks.
>  --
>  Marco Dirani
>  RelationRoutes
>  www.relationroutes.eu
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