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Nate Aune natea at jazkarta.com
Sun Dec 9 01:31:39 UTC 2007

Hi Fabio,

What would help you to market Plone in Brazil?  How can Plone compete
more effectively against those CMSes you mentioned (WebSphere,
SharePoint, Vignete, DotNetNuke)?
cc'ing the evangelism mailing list. evangelism at lists.plone.org.


On 12/6/07, Fábio Rizzo <fabiorizzo at threepointsweb.com> wrote:
> Awesome! I'm very happy with this, specialy because now I can help Plone
> even more.
> In Brazil we are disseminating Plone for more than 5 years, this year I had
> the oportunity to make a talk in Argentina too, and now we are helping
> people in Latin American too. I have done some important and big projects in
> ThreePointsWeb, an small company that works only with Plone.
> And working with Plone, I always heard questions like:
>     * Who support Plone?
>     * Who Protect Plone?
>     * How can I get some help? Only out of Brazil? In Brazil only with you?
>     * Plone isn't a Brazilian Software, its safe to use this and get some
> help? Its safe to Invest in Plone?
> And I feel people uncomfortable with the fact of a small number of Plone
> companies supporting Plone. And be a member of PF connect the use of Plone
> in Brazil with PF, and, in my experience it's a great moment. For shure now
> we can easier sell Plone instead WebSphere, SharePoint, Vignete, DotNetNuke,
> and so on.
> Be a part of PF make easier to be listened, specialy in our Brazilian
> Government. I hope that I could help Plone to grow in Latin America, and I
> hope to be with you all on the next Plone Conference.
> --
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