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> On 10 Dec 2020, at 8:33 am, Steve Piercy <web at stevepiercy.com> wrote:
> On 12/9/20 8:59 AM, Chrissy Wainwright wrote:
>> *Sprints*
>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DeDRbtsriyt_FJO4wRvMZ0yydI1q4TvCMhuvrBcJmkc/edit <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DeDRbtsriyt_FJO4wRvMZ0yydI1q4TvCMhuvrBcJmkc/edit>
>> Check this document for the currently planned sprints, or to add your own. Each sprint organizer will be responsible for determining where/how the sprint will take place (create your own Zoom/Jitsi/other meeting)
> I just checked.  No one has written which platform to use for Sprints.  I hope that the PloneConf folks choose one platform that allows us to share a single space for the projects we will work on, to hop between projects, and to have an end-of-day stand up, just like we did in meat-space sprints.

I’m sure something different has been picked already but just wanted to point out that the use of discord in a plone sprint earlier this year went fairly well. The advantage over slack/zoom combo is the ability to jump into different projects very quickly via a single space. Voice channels can also have multiple people sharing their screens continuously (without people having to view them if they don’t want) making it easy to look over someones shoulder. push to talk to not have to context switch to discuss something with someone. PTT is like having a continuous open zoom but with more privacy.
Each project has 
- 1 “working” voice channel with enforced push to talk, 
- 1 meeting room voice channel for more in-depth 
- and 1 text channel. - for when you need to paste stuff

I also trialled it earlier this year for an python meetup I ran when we had to go online. We had a central room for the presentations and various topic based break-out voice rooms to encourage discussion during the breaks. 

> We need:
> Date, time, and time zone
> Where/Platform
> Please choose one platform and let us know!  Thank you!
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