[Plone-conference] The registration deadline for PLOG, the Sorrento sprint, is less than 2 weeks away!

Sally Kleinfeldt sally at jazkarta.com
Sun Feb 16 21:46:03 UTC 2020

Greetings Plone Conference attendees and other interested parties,

We brainstormed training and sprint topics for PLOG at the conference in
Ferrara, and a lot of you told me you were interested in coming. Well the
time to register is upon us! The deadline is February 28.

   - The sprint dates are April 19-26
   - There will be 3 free training classes - Volto, Gatsby, and Plone Tips
   and Tricks
   - There will be sprinting on Volto, on making "how to" screencasts for
   the Plone Youtube channel, and a variety of other topics (final list
   determined at the sprint)
   - The details are here: plone.org/events/sprints/plog-2020
   - Registration is here: plone.org/plog-registration-form

Only 10 of our reserved spots are left, and availability of rooms beyond
that is questionable. But if we have an overflow, the sooner we ask for
more rooms the better.

So sign up now!


Sally Kleinfeldt - sally at jazkarta.com
Open Source Technology Solutions

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