[Plone-conference] Submit a talk, and housing — Plone Conference 2017 – Barcelona

T. Kim Nguyen nguyen at plone.org
Wed Sep 13 16:25:38 UTC 2017

Dear Plone Conference 2017 registrants! (apologies if some of you are receiving this email twice)

1. TALK PROPOSALS: We have extended the talk submission deadline to Sept. 18, 2017, so please send in your talk proposals in the next FIVE DAYS!  We will finalize the talk acceptances and we will let you know very quickly after Sept. 18. https://2017.ploneconf.org/talks/submit-a-talk <https://2017.ploneconf.org/talks/submit-a-talk>

2. HOUSING: A reminder that if you are interested in sharing housing or locating housing near other attendees, please use the "Plone Conference 2017 Room Sharing" Google Doc at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yyfgNcFnPTH-H3HMolhA9iVs5FM49Nz61ymbPQLqUec/edit# <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yyfgNcFnPTH-H3HMolhA9iVs5FM49Nz61ymbPQLqUec/edit#> and remember to have a look at some housing suggestions at https://2017.ploneconf.org/about/where-to-stay <https://2017.ploneconf.org/about/where-to-stay> 


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