[Plone-conference] [Training] Custom Workflows for Plone Training Prep

Calvin Hendryx-Parker calvinhp at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 15:51:00 UTC 2016

Hi All,

I’m really **excited** about next week’s conference and am looking 
forward to all of the great talks and training.

For the Custom Workflows talk, most of the 4 hour session can be done by 
following along with an instance created on Heroku at the free tier. 
This will give you the ZMI access needed for us to create custom 
workflows and experiment with the permissions.

Make sure you have a Heroku account and can use the **Deploy to Heroku** 
button on this page to get setup:


There will be sections of the talk that go into best practices and file 
system development. If you want to follow along for those, I recommend 
that you grab **Simple Plone Buildout** here:


It has just been updated for **Plone 5.0.6** and works on Windows, Mac 
and Linux. We will then use `mr.bob` and the `bobtemplates.plone` 
package to create a filesystem product to contain our custom workflow 
code and `GenericSetup` profiles.



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