[Plone-conference] Prerequisites for "Make a Pyramid MicroBlog"

Paul Everitt paul.everitt at jetbrains.com
Thu Oct 13 15:05:32 UTC 2016

Hi all. If you’re looking to do one of the two sessions for this tutorial and would like to follow along as the material is being shown, here are the pre-requisites:

  https://github.com/cewing/pyramid-blogr-cf/tree/tutorial-step-00 <https://github.com/cewing/pyramid-blogr-cf/tree/tutorial-step-00>

Follow the “Setup Your Environment” section. This means getting a Python 3.5 installation, making a virtual environment, installing Pyramid, and doing a git checkout.

I'm conducting, along with Calvin, some fantastic material created by Cris Ewing, which he labored over this week to update to the latest patterns in Pyramid for SQLAlchemy integration. It’s good stuff. The format is:

- There’s a git branch for each section
- You change to that branch to start each section
- I show the changes and discuss the writeup for that section
- You spend some time tinkering on your own, then revert
- On to the next section

Thus, you can participate as you see fit:

- A lot: work along with each step and try out changes
- A little: Change branches and observe without typing
- Watch: No computer, but perhaps you do hands-on afterwards

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