[Plone-conference] Why nuke the 2014 site?

Jean Jordaan jean.jordaan at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 09:49:18 UTC 2015

On Fri, Sep 25, 2015 at 3:11 PM, Matt Hamilton <matt at quernus.co.uk> wrote:
> I would say this discussion is straying off the topic of the list now...

Yeah it lost my original plone-website cc:, let's continue there if needed?

> but, all I will say is that we need to keep it simple, and I think a
> *separate* archive site for materials and outputs to the conference would be
> best. Something along the lines of the now-defunct plone.tv.

As long as the basic information like the talks/programme is (archived
as) core Plone content, I think that counts as simple.

> The issue with the actual conference sites, is that they often have specific
> localisations. This can often be due to payment processing requirements,
> co-location with other conferences, language requirements, etc.

Yes, I don't think everything should be kept. I actually think keeping
each year's site *design* would be a distraction if you're interested
in the content.

> Also these
> sites are build 1 year apart each year. And a lot changes in the Plone world
> in that time! Would want to still be working on Plone GetPaid code ;) Often
> easier to start from scratch in latest version of Plone, or outsource the
> booking stuff to a 3rd party.

Yes, the booking stuff should not be kept alive.
If it's needed to start from scratch that's fine, but even then the
example of last year would be good. And probably there would be
modules that can be kept and evolved.

> Even video is an issue... when I did the 2010 videos I uploaded them to
> Blip.tv as they were the only provider that would accept non-720p resolution
> videos but keep them in the native resolution and not transcode them without
> losing fidelity of text on the screen. They they suddenly deleted all the
> videos as they were no longer part of Blip.tv's future (focusing on soap
> operas etc). Yes we have archives of the video, but the metadata has all
> been lost and needs to be re-entered somewhere, which is a big and boring
> task.

I'd say that metadata belongs in Plone.org
With https://github.com/collective/wildcard.media/ videos can be added
to Plone and automatically uploaded to youtube.
Even if we don't use an add-on like wildcard.media, we should be able
to (re)apply the metadata and upload to whatever video host is current
in a more or less automated way.

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