[Plone-conference] Why nuke the 2014 site?

Jean Jordaan jean.jordaan at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 00:02:17 UTC 2015

On Sep 17, 2015 2:55 AM, "Paul Roeland" <paul at cleanclothes.org> wrote:
> Keeping possibly 10+ year sites up just for archival purposes has major
> issues like "who is doing security upgrades", and conference sites will
> also have integrations with for instance ticket sellers & payment
> providers that may have gone out of business or changed their API
> dramatically.

There's a middle way though, as mentioned by Christian Ledermann: import
the content via transmogrify as stock Plone types into Plone.org .. That
way there's still only one site to admin.

With good caching, this should be almost as efficient to serve as a static
mirror, with the advantage that such content is searchable and navigable in
Plone.org with no extra work. It also makes it easy to update content if we
need to do so after the fact, e.g. to change links to videos.

This makes a distinction between the conference site design & functionality
(booking etc), and the content (schedule, speakers, work documents). The
content is what we really want to keep.

Flat site is better than nothing, but Plone content is first prize.

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