[Plone-conference] train ticket snafu

Christian Ledermann christian.ledermann at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 14:58:29 UTC 2014

I arrived at the station on time, went to the machine to collect my ticket
and realized that I was missing one digit!

So I ran to the counter explained my situation and was told:
"You may be up that proverbial creek without a paddle"
"But we'll try our best to help you - can't promise anything though ..."

Long story short: They did their best and made it happen :-)
I'm on the train and did not have to pay any penalty charges, the guys
at the trainstation were tremendously helpfull and polite
('No problems at all sir')

Thanks again it was a brilliant conference, if you meet somebody
who works at 'First Great Western' buy him a beer ;-)

Best Regards,

Christian Ledermann

London - UK
Mobile : +44 7474997517


If you save the living environment, the biodiversity that we have left,
you will also automatically save the physical environment, too. But If
you only save the physical environment, you will ultimately lose both.

1) Don’t drive species to extinction

2) Don’t destroy a habitat that species rely on.

3) Don’t change the climate in ways that will result in the above.


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