[Plone-conference] Doctor Who

Manuel Reinhardt reinhardt at syslab.com
Sat Nov 1 20:08:38 UTC 2014

On 01/11/14 19:55, Manuel Reinhardt wrote:
> There's actually a large screen in the Devon room that also has
> speakers, so we'd only need the right cable. However I'm a little
> uncertain whether we're supposed to be in there, it's locked from one
> side, but it doesn't seem to be occupied by anyone else.

The hotel staff said if we're only a few people and promise not to make
a mess we can use the Devon room for an hour. The doors are locked but
if you knock I'll let you in.

I managed to get my laptop connected to the screen but the colours are
pretty wrong. If anyone has an HDMI cable maybe we can try that. A 3.5mm
to cinch audio cable would also be appreciated.



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