[Plone-conference] Something completely different

Daniel Jowett dtj at jowettenterprises.com
Fri Oct 31 11:12:45 UTC 2014

Hi folks,

I usually like to get to a good Church on Sunday, fortunately I do know a good one (IMHO*) in Bristol. Its called Woodlands Christian Centre, and its about 20 mins walk from the Grand hotel.
They have meetings at 9:15 and 11:00, but I figure I'll set out for the 9:15 from the hotel lobby around 845am, and be back shortly after 11. I may drive it if there's not many of us.

so if anyone would like to join me for some spiritual refreshment (whether or not that's your normal cup of tea), just let me know.... I'm one of the few wearing a Plone 5  T-shirt today.


(* I weigh up good Churches based on criteria like life in the message, and life in the people rather than for example having a nice building)

Nejc Zupan <nejc.zupan at gmail.com> wrote:

>so there has been a lot of discussion on whether plone.api should ship with core, should it be used in core,
>or something in between. There is a "plone.api PLIP" open session tomorrow where I would like for us to
>reach a consensus on the scope of usage of plone.api in core. It's high time we do it.
>I'm personally leaning more *against* having plone.api in core, so if you wanna see it included,
>come to the open space and convince me otherwise.
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