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That's really cool!

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> Hi,
> unfortunately the Mockup talk collided with the hosting panel discussion and a significant part of you did not
> hear the latest news from the Heroku world: we can now have "Deploy to Heroku" buttons that allow anyone
> to spin up their own free Plone site on Heroku: https://github.com/niteoweb/heroku-button-plone
> I'd like us to come together and make a plan on how we can leverage Heroku to provide something along
> the lines of:
> * have a demo instance (that is rebuild after an hour of inactivity) for every popular add-on (Paragon winners
> for example) and have this instance always running the latest add-on code
> * try.plone.org: a simple page with "Deploy Plone 4.3 to Heroku", "Deploy Plone 5 to Heroku" etc. buttons
> that would allow evaluators to try out Plone quickly and budget-limited teams to have their very own Plone
> base website/intranet, for free
> There will be a short open space session tomorrow to decide what we wanna do and set priorities, followed
> by a sprint on Saturday. If you are a maintainer of a popular add-on, *please* take 20 minutes on Saturday
> to get a demo of your add-on up for people to use. 
> cheers,
> z.
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