[Plone-conference] Openspace: growing plone | as a brand

Asko Soukka asko.soukka at iki.fi
Mon Oct 27 16:21:33 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Of course we tried this in 2007 when Alex and others invented Deco (the
> original, bold, clean and beautiful concept) and that may well have done
> it. I still think that it's better than anything else out there even
> now, although the gap is narrowing.

I hope that somone could bring the original "Deco+UI proposal.pdf" 
online again.

As you may know, Mosaic Sprint Barcelona worked hard to fix the "boring 
legacy stuff" to give the Deco vision a yet another change as Plone 
Mosaic. So, with plone.app.mosaic (and its versions of plone.app.blocks 
and friends), it's possible to use these new style layouts side by side 
legacy templates, already with Plone 4.3+.

And how is Mosaic relevant to this discussion? The Deco/Mosaic vision 
describes the UI layer using such terms and technologies that it's no 
longer tied to the current Plone technologies. Deco/Mosaic page 
composition (be it plone.app.blocks, Varnish ESI, or something else) 
does not really need to care where do those layouts and tiles come from.

So, as long as used tiles are not interdependent, their backend could be 
replaced one by one with any fancy new technology (of course, it would 
help, if we could make Plone ZODB accessible from Python 3 code).


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