[Plone-conference] Openspace: growing plone | as a brand

Paul Roeland paul at cleanclothes.org
Fri Oct 24 12:50:13 UTC 2014

On 23-10-14 19:29, Chris Calloway wrote:

> It could also help some other friends who need some help, our Zope
> friends. The ZF hasn't been able to muster even a meeting or a board
> elections this year. They see themselves as existing only for supporting
> Plone. I floated the idea at symposium of merging the foundations (to be
> fair, I previously heard a similar idea on the ZF email list) but only
> got lukewarm response as to how many problems that would present. But
> the ZF is also a software conservancy upon which Plone is dependent, as
> well as Pyramid and its children. We should recognize at least Z3A
> conservancy as in everybody's interest.
> Likewise, Pyramid and its children have no conservancy whatsoever. I
> talked to Chris McDonough about this briefly and he hasn't dealt with it
> as he hasn't seen it as a concern... yet. But as we know, that leaves
> more concerns about sustainability for customers of Pyramid and its
> children than for its developers. There are many common interests and I
> do believe some degree of cross-pollination is in everyone's interest,
> as well as sharing the burdens of meta-infrastructure like foundations.

I disagree on this point, quite substantially. One of the things that
make Plone (and the Plone Foundation) great, is that there is a lot of
appreciation for non-coder, non-dev input. Hey, you've even let little
old me in, who pretty much never has written any useful code in his life ;-)

The community is much more than the code. And while code conservancy of
at least Z3A should be on our minds, and I love the Pyramid people as
well, I do see the PF as much more as 'burden of meta-infrastructure
like foundations'. Or as something that can easily be merged.

Now that may be semantics, but hey I do documentation now too as well as
being a NGO veteran, and semantics and culture are highly important to me.

But this has not much to do with the original discussion on this
specific openspace, so is maybe a good topic for other discussions, and
doesn't need to be drawn out in this email thread. Still, couldn't keep
my mouth shut. Sorry...


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