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Discussions about hosting cost in the range of XX USD per month are
truly not worth a discussion. This has never been an issues for small
websites especially when the costs include basis system adminstration
work by the hoster. If you host Plone for 10 USD then you have to care
_and pay_ for the administration....same or costs in the end.

- -aj

Héctor Velarde wrote:
> I don't want to repeat myself; my views on what's failing have been 
> posted in many places in the last years and I resumed it in one
> sentence a few months ago on a thread about marketing Plone:
> "if we do not fix that [the lack of an updated roadmap with the 
> community's strategic vision of Plone in the short, mid and long
> term], Plone is going to slowly die as a viable project."
> https://community.plone.org/t/can-we-combine-communications-and-marketing/57/29
> (yes, that was before my friend Andreas named his talk.)
> we sell sites for $40 USD a month (including hosting) with the same 
> features that we have developed for our main customers, but with
> almost no support; but I'm not interested in selling sites for $10
> USD a month.
> and no, Harito, I don't agree with you: the cost of a Plone site is 
> zero, nil, nada... what you're paying is not the software, but our 
> service and expertise... and Plone, out of the box, is probably
> still the most amazing CMS out there; ask Érico to give you a sales 
> presentation... he's unbeatable.
> it would be amazing if this open space ends with an updated vision
> of Plone to replace this one:
> https://plone.org/roadmap
> best regards
> Héctor Velarde
> On 20-10-2014 20:55, M. Harito Reisman wrote:
>> If the base costs for a Plone site is very high, Plone becomes a
>> much harder sell! What are the values the customer gains to make up
>> for this?
> [...]
>> Plone is in a sense a strange product, because out of the box the
>> product is not providing much value in comparison to a rapidly 
>> progressing market, one needs added services available from Plone
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