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Héctor Velarde hector.velarde at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 18:25:33 UTC 2013

On 19-09-2013 09:09, Fabiano Weimar dos Santos wrote:
> good question. In Brazil it is not legal to buy a mobile phone (even a
> pre-paid one) without a clear identification of the owner. For
> Brazilians, a CPF number is usually required. For foreign people I
> really don't know what is the procedure, but some years ago I had to buy
> a SIM card for Nate Aune during FISL in my own name. I hope today things
> are better.

HV> foreingners also need a CPF, probably not for buying a SIM card, but 
for activating it.

don't try to be clever, online CPF generators will work for a few hours, 
but at the end you finish with an disactivated SIM card.

getting the CPF is easy and will take you half an hour, at least on my 

read this first: http://www.aflorianopolis.com/?p=140

you can do the paperwork also at selected post offices; in São Paulo I 
can point you to one near by our office; in Brasília you will have to 
ask the local guys.

> If you have any troubles trying to get a local mobile phone, talk to me.
> I will be glad to help.

HV> good luck with that, you can end with 150 SIM cards registered under 
your CPF ;-)

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