[Plone-conference] Pre conference sprint?

Davi Lima davilima6 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 24 16:15:15 UTC 2013

BTW Brazilian air companies usually lower their prices on weekends. Right
now you can find very cheap flights from Rio, São Paulo, Recife or Salvador
to Brasília, like half of the price. Flights on Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday have lower fares than on weekends. Check this crawler:



Please notice that both Rio and SP have two airports, one inside and
another outside the city. The latter (GIG in Rio and GRU in SP) is usually
cheaper because it's a bit more difficult to get to (especially in Rio, I
think), while the former (SDU in Rio and CGH in SP) might be a bit more
expensive. There's also VCP which is outside São Paulo too, with lower
fares and if you choose AZUL air company you get free buses to CGH and
other accessible places in São Paulo (ie: near the subway).

Let us know if you need any directions!


2013/8/24 Davi Lima <davilima6 at gmail.com>

> +1 for what Mikko said. However, last PythonBrasil was in Rio and they
> have pretty solid Python usergroups there, with regular Dojos for instance.
> Django is more popular than Plone over there, but if I was in your shoes
> I'd try to extend the sprint invitation to them. Here are their Facebook
> fanpage, Twitter and egroups:
> * https://www.facebook.com/pythonrio
> * http://www.twitter.com/pythonrio
> * http://br.groups.yahoo.com/group/pythonrio
> I'm also cc'ing Alvaro Justen and Erico Andrei who can better point you to
> the Right People (tm). :-)
> Best,
> Davi
> 2013/8/24 Mikko Ohtamaa <mikko at opensourcehacker.com>
>> Man, you don't go to Rio to sit inside and work on your computer.
>> Cheers,
>> Mikko
>> On 24 August 2013 02:00, Dylan Jay <dylan at dylanjay.com> wrote:
>>> I'm going to be arriving in Rio on the Sunday before the conference
>>> but won't be attending the training. Since I'm doing my sight seeing
>>> afterwards I was wondering if any others would be around early (either
>>> Brasilia or Rio) who might like to sprint?
>>> Dylan Jay
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