[Plone-conference] hostel choices of the Ploneconf people

Patrick Gerken gerken at patrick-gerken.de
Mon Aug 19 20:11:47 UTC 2013

I rode to work by bike in Belo Horizonte. When riding bike, people thought I am some poor homeless guy. My Laptop was safe. I dont know how this is handled in brasilia, but in BH the richer guy has the right of way. Once I was hit by a car because I didnt know this. So your computer is pretty safe, but your personal safety depends on how defensive you ride.

I would only ride a bike if I can take a shower though.

Witek <witekdev at gmail.com> schrieb:
>On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 7:13 PM, Marcio Mazza <marciomazza at gmail.com>
>> Hello there, Witek,
>> I'm Marcio, from the Ploneconf organizing team. Sorry for the delay
>> answer you.
>> I see that you've already booked Hostel7.
>> Would you like us to visit the place for you now?
>> Is there anything that we could check there personally for you?
>Hi Marcio,
>I think that the hostel I booked will be fine (based on other travelers
>recent feedback). No need to check it out, but thank you very much for
>I was wondering if it is possible (and a good idea, given traffic and
>safety in Brasilia) to rent a bicycle for a few days? Or would you
>recommend to stick to buses instead?
>A bicycle would cut down on the 3km back and forth from the hostel to
>conference center, as well as extra mobility for exploring the
>Then again maybe the scenario of cycling back to the hostel after a
>evening at the conference venue is not the best idea etc?
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