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    • State of the Plone.com project
        • Latest States
        • Current design & content concept
        • The main page elements
        • Difficulties to get premium stories & how we can launch fast!
        • Other progress
        • What we need

Hi all,

here I come to tell some state of the Plone.com project. This 

State of the Plone.com project

You may have may missed what Ramon Navarro Bosch showed up during the "Wine & Beer Sprint" in Munich during the hangouts and what was published in the protocols and on the Trello board as well.

Next target is to do some more significant steps during PLOG in Italy in the next week.

Latest States

The latest states of the efforts towards a simple but impressing approach to promote plone at plone.com can be found since the end of january as a mockup at our Trello board related to the Plone.com communication concept and design here: [2] Trello Card on Responsive Design http://bit.ly/ZQJ7qV

There you see the last steps we did with Oriol Marti & Ramon Navarro Bosch of Iskra based on the initial work done together with André Nogueira, Maurizio Delmonte, Dylan Jay and others together with the designers of Mediaman in Argentina presented during the marketing sprint in Arnhem. So the current set is the result of real teamwork.

I sent some invitations around some month ago. If you did not sign up for the board already, drop us a line again. The board is related to https://trello.com/plonefoundationplonecom.

Current design & content concept

The current design & content concept is the Mockup 5 in the attachments of the Trello card.

[3] Mockup 5 PDF http://bit.ly/16U2wez

It has some minor but very significant improvements over the version [1] http://bit.ly/X0V8bb we already had in Arnhem created together with the Mediaman team around André. So every part of the work improved quality and solution. 

Now you have the following elements

    • The black top bar

    • Emotional splash banner

    • Storytelling area
    • Pre Checked Benefits of Plone

    • Simple but impactful improvements
    • Putting Benefits of Plone in Focus

    • Footer: Two Blocks to call to action:
      1. Download and check yourself
      2. Get help from Service Providers.

    • Responsive versions
        • 1. Desktop
        • 2. Tablet
        • 3. Smartphone

The black top bar

This item will be shared between the Plone.com and Plone.org site and should glue also together the international spread regional sites in the future ((initially introduced as the plone Slimbar as promoted by Maurizio Delmonte)

Emotional splash banner

Then a big emotional splash banner that drops out the main claim "giving peace of mind" in a way that matches your local  "flavor" (we come back on this later hopefully leading to a solution).

Storytelling area
Our concept is doing "Storytelling" by leading the visitor through one easy to remember story that "sticks" in his head and can be told easily to others and can be linked to our main claim: "Plone – The CMS that gives you peace of mind" or "Plone – The CMS giving you peace of mind".

We then have an auto sliding/blending banner with maximum 3 key-visuals related to impressing benefits you can get from using Plone including quotes from people with impact (CEOs, CTOs, Project managers etc.)

The idea is to finally have one easy to follow story for every vertical market exactly targeting this audience without distracting the visitor until he gets the point.

Pre Checked Benefits of Plone

The OK hooks are highlighted related to the mentioned vertical market.

Simple but impactful improvements

Oriol Marti from Iskra helped a lot and did a great improvement over our first concept. First we had the idea to put all the interesting features around "What is Plone" and the other common headlines in the footer to be highlighted when you hit the tabs related to vertical markets. 

Putting Benefits of Plone in the primary Focus

He just changed it from linking to complicated secondary content to just "OK" hooks showing that the feature is met. Dylan agreed on this in a previous exchange we had. Nobody wants to just check "Feature lists". People want to focus primary benefits.

Footer: Two Blocks to call to action

1. Check yourself

Startpoint if you want to get a grip on Plone yourself by download or cloud service

2. Get help from Service Providers.

Get an idea of the quality and size of the network.

Responsive versions

All was concepted with having responsive versions in mind.

1. Desktop
2. Tablet
3. Smartphone

Difficulties to get premium stories & how we can launch fast!

Storytelling is a cool approach but as well the current stopper (even after our meeting in Hannover). It is hard to get all the content in the expected quality we want for the first launch. We tried it but the response was not matching our first enthusiasm. Matteo Sorba agrees that it is hard to get all fast.

Start with Simplified overall content

The last conversations about this I had with Matt Hamilton in Hannover and we (he) figured out how to launch this as fast as possible. This was the target for some time but now we have the roadmap and know how!

1. Drop the vertical market menu of Mockup 5 (see below) and just start with "ONE STORY"
2. Implement the page and a tour
3. Launch
4. Add just some more basic content
5. Add more stories and markets later one by one.

Other progress

- Got authorizations for quotes related to Plone
- Got a confirmation on creation of a success story on the Plone Intranet for Star Alliance – the international big cooperation of 28 big airlines, done by Syslab.

- A CMS feature comparison matrix is available now from CMS Garden (Plone has one of the best records!).

What we need

- Professional writers helping with the basic content.

So far.



[1] Screenshot of the Arnhem Version
[2] Trello Card on Responsive Design https://trello.com/card/doing-a-responsive-first-mockup-matching-plone-org-and-plone-com-concepts/509fcd331f35c25d1401970c/15
[3] Mockup 5 PDF https://trello-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/509fcd331f35c25d1401970c/50e6a9afe6e8a38a680019d1/dbe5ea382ae016795d1c971f857a693b/mockup_plone.com_v5.pdf

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