[Plone-com] plone.com content - we've got a start

Rose Pruyne rtp2 at psu.edu
Fri Sep 7 17:05:55 UTC 2012

Looks like we've got a start on the content for the What is Plone page (
http://goo.gl/BYzeH). Thanks to whoever dropped in the draft content above
my notes. I am going through that content and seeing if there is anything I
can add, enhance, whatever.

We have GDoc pages for features, 'why i should use plone' (could possibly
be rolled into 'what is plone?') and for case studies. Check the Plone.com
GDocs folder, and you should see them there. Do not be shy about dropping
in some content, even if it is rough draft material. If you want to take
primary ownership of any of these content bits, put your name on the card
in Trello, and move it along the board.

I'll keep working on the "What is Plone?" content for now, along with
anyone who wants to help with this (please! do! help!).


Rose Pruyne
Project Manager
WebLion at Penn State
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