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+1 i would like to work on this from the non plone side this weekend and
will ask these questions of a major choice maker in our afternoon meeting,
i feel i know the awnsers but i am to close to plone to be completly
On Sep 7, 2012 12:23 PM, "Armin Stroß-Radschinski" <developer at acsr.de>

> Hi Dylan,
> excellent work!
> Very good distilled to the points where the tools need to be set. Now we
> need transforming into target group communication. You are more focusing
> CTO audience and gatekeepers like we did with the german Plone brochure.
> But on the startpage we need to hit CEOs in the heart, that they tell at
> the golf green! And if we have no CEOs there, the message has to be easy
> told by gatekeepers and press staff by grabbing brain ready headlines.
> Remember the Apple iPad intro line (by Jony Ive) that was catched overall
> the press: a “magical and revolutionary device”
> What we have now is a good harvest. But distilling out the spirit is the
> next (as you described) hard step.
> We need to keep taste and value, but get rid of fill ins and bad side
> effects. This is not one shot process, and (hopefully) some hard (short!)
> struggle with each other. Important is not being happy during the process
> but all happy with the result.
> One important thing I discovered yesterday again in discussions:
> People tend to use language like "That reminds me to that." , "I dont like
> this." That is not leading to the solution.
> Keep in mind: We (Plonistas) are not the target! Always switch mode
> (hard!) and read from the other side of the desk. Catch them where they
> are, an take them to new frontiers and beyond!
> The features mentioned are exactly the current USP (Unique Selling Points)
> of Plone. But we should not start with that in the first communication step!
> Imagine: If you have no idea of the value behind these features (in $$$!)
> you are much lesser open to follow the argumentation.
> Change your wording from points to steps need to be created. And something
> gets clearer:
> So I prefer 5 steps over 5 points:
> So we need to drop our Information on the website in perfect timing.
> 1. Make the visitor feel that we know his objectives
> 2. Show with impact how valueful a solution is for him (Matt is not that
> far with some of his current slides)
> 3. And tell him the tiny secret: You can get it!
> 4. Tell your 5 points NOW!
> 5. Final message: you are in good company! Since 12 years and be sure in 5
> years too!
> Lets proceed (we soon need a chat together!)
> I can tell how to manage a transfer into cool steps. But it is not my
> service, it needs quick exchange between people that are both: Plone
> connaisseurs AND entrepreneurs that know the other side: Ping Pong!
> Armin
>  You know Monty Python?
>> You like them?
>> Do you know why not every comedian matches the same quality?
>> ...even when performing nonsense...
>> It is matter of perfect timing!
>> The result: You get the point and remember...
> (from a chat with rpruyn: yesterday)
> Am 07.09.2012 um 07:04 schrieb Dylan Jay:
>  Hi,
>> Perhaps rather than decide now what Plone "is" in 5 words we can work up
>> to that?
>> In our recent effort creating a site for our service we had the aim to
>> describe our service using 5 simple points. These were single line bullet
>> points at the top which linked to 3-4 lines per point + a diagram/image per
>> point further down the page. This is very similar to the brightbox.comfront page.
>> Brightbox distilled their message down to
>> - High performance and flexible Cloud Servers.
>> - Instantly mappable Cloud IP addresses.
>> - Cloud Firewall service.
>> - Geographically isolated datacentre "Zones".
>> - Cloud Load Balancers.
>> - No-fuss import/export of your Cloud Server images and snapshots.
>> - Powerful API tools.
>> - Instance metadata service compatible with Amazon EC2
>> What I like about their list is together it tells a story of what
>> brightbox is but does so by giving reasonably concrete examples.
>> To achieve the same thing we took all of the things we thought made our
>> product good or different from others and then prioritised and grouped them
>> down to 5 items. In some cases we realised that some points we logical
>> follow ons from other ideas so weren't needed as a major point. It was a
>> really hard process.
>> I don't know if this has been done for the content work for plone.comyet but I'd say it would be a good way to try to get an agreed set of
>> "features" or unique selling points.
>> My personal opinion on what those could be. Well when we at pretaweb sell
>> plone we try to concentrate on the following points (off the top of my
>> head) that we think set it apart in the market
>> - The technology that both cia and fbi use for their primary web
>> presence. There are more Plone sites in top 100,000 sites most popular
>> sites than Drupal, WP or Joomla yet it has a fraction of the vulernability
>> rate. (from w3techs)
>> - revolutionary control over design. Front end designer friendly. html
>> mockups can be turned into site designs in hours not days. You have final
>> say over all html, not the CMS.  No other CMS has a workflow that allows
>> frontend and backend development to happen in parallel meaning Plone helps
>> you deliver sites faster.
>> - Start designing your own site design in minutes with the built in theme
>> editor. No programming knowledge required.
>> - Plone can be used in more different ways than any other software in its
>> class, designed to work as everything from a simple blogging platform to a
>> corporate intranet and document repository. The 2012 real story content
>> technology map has Plone as the only single technology vendor being in more
>> than 2 feature catagories. http://www.realstorygroup.com/**vendormap/<http://www.realstorygroup.com/vendormap/>
>> - True multi-site out of the box. Sandboxed sites with self contained
>> themes, settings and users with one click site creation. No deployment to
>> modify your theme.
>> In terms of ECM vs WCM vs CMS... I think "enterprise" is limiting as it
>> could mean plone is complicated. I see Plone now days, with diazo, the
>> theme editor, and soon deco, as being a "start small, grow big" kind of
>> content solution. It's now the quickest to get started with, yet the most
>> capable to meet all your content management needs. I just don't know how
>> you distil those two almost opposite messages into a single label.
>> I also realise that a lot of others don't see Plone in this way. One year
>> ago I would have said Plone should be branded enterprise but now I think we
>> should be using branding that emphasises how easy it is to get started and
>> theme, ie the wordpress market.
>> Sorry for rambling. Hopefully there is stuff in there that's useful.
>> ---
>> Dylan Jay
>> Technical Solutions Manager
>> PretaWeb: Multisite Performance Support
>> P: +612 80819071 | M: +61421477460 | twitter.com/djay75 |
>> linkedin.com/in/djay75
>> On 07/09/2012, at 6:08 AM, Alex Clark wrote:
>>> On Thu, Sep 6, 2012 at 1:02 PM, Wyn Williams <heywyn at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hash: SHA1
>>> I have made some comments around but will leave this here.
>>> I really think we need to refer to Plone not as a CMS but as an ECMS -
>>> that is what Plone is, that is that class it is in (although off
>>> center we can of course point out its suitability for small businesses
>>> / ngos etc)
>>> Drupal is a crappy cms that gets used (and ends up causing major
>>> headaches) as an ECMS but is outclassed by us by a mile.
>>> We are not really competing at the lower levels so can we agree to
>>> start using the naming convention ECMS in documents and content for
>>> the most part please ?
>>> Names are very important and form associations, small to mid levels
>>> get to use Enterprise class systems for free YAY ! mid to high level
>>> business don't want a CMS they want enterprise class systems.
>>> +0 I don't think I'd ever protest a rebranding from Plone CMS to Plone
>>> ECMS, but I probably wouldn't like it because:
>>>         • "Enterprise" annoys me as a marketing term, though not quite
>>> as severely as "solution". In the following phrase: "Enterprise Solutions",
>>> the term  "solutions" annoys me more than "enterprise" :-)
>>>         • The term CMS is a bit dated these days. Just glancing at
>>> Sharepoint, they call their product "Collaboration software for the
>>> enterprise". I'd be happy just ripping that off.
>>> Alex
>>> Wyn
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