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On Thu, Sep 6, 2012 at 1:02 PM, Wyn Williams <heywyn at gmail.com> wrote:

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> I have made some comments around but will leave this here.
> I really think we need to refer to Plone not as a CMS but as an ECMS -
> that is what Plone is, that is that class it is in (although off
> center we can of course point out its suitability for small businesses
> / ngos etc)
> Drupal is a crappy cms that gets used (and ends up causing major
> headaches) as an ECMS but is outclassed by us by a mile.
> We are not really competing at the lower levels so can we agree to
> start using the naming convention ECMS in documents and content for
> the most part please ?
> Names are very important and form associations, small to mid levels
> get to use Enterprise class systems for free YAY ! mid to high level
> business don't want a CMS they want enterprise class systems.

+0 I don't think I'd ever protest a rebranding from Plone CMS to Plone
ECMS, but I probably wouldn't like it because:

   - "Enterprise" annoys me as a marketing term, though not quite as
   severely as "solution". In the following phrase: "Enterprise Solutions",
   the term  "solutions" annoys me more than "enterprise" :-)
   - The term CMS is a bit dated these days. Just glancing at Sharepoint,
   they call their product "Collaboration software for the enterprise". I'd be
   happy just ripping that off.


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